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Experience Asia through Ards

Fall in love with the world through our food journey. Take an escape. Take in this moment with all of your senses and feel Ards’ true uniqueness.

Ards accepts no compromise in honesty and originality when it comes to the art of culinary. A story that begins by travelling progressively all across Asia, a full-on exploration of ingredients, scouring for the richest experiences Asia has to offer, and bringing it to you at your table.

Be part of our story, and our thought-provoking tasting menu (the menu), crafted from Asia’s finest produce. Each and every dish is a pure expression of imagination and innovation, breathing new life to traditions.

Our mission is to leave you thinking, “You have not been to Asia if you have not been to Ards”.

Experience life in Asia through food. An Asian dining experience and story shared by us to the rest of the world.

Ace Tan


Born and bred in Singapore, a bold chef that believes in balance, and that true balance is achieved by perfecting the trifecta of creativity, artistry and taste. An autodidact who started his career seven years ago by training at various fine dining establishments in Singapore, he decided to pursue his love for food after a detour in advertising. His innate sensibility for flavours, coupled with hard work, sees him shine and grow quickly in the professional kitchens he’d worked at.

David Lee


Not one to back down on unorthodox pairings, a young and tenacious David never followed conventions, and it shows in his daring approach to cooking. A chef who believes that each plate is a personal expression of who he is, that’s built on the foundation of his passion and food memories as a child. Adept at both Asian and European cooking, David graduated from the culinary school of Ming Dao University in Taiwan and had apprenticed for top chefs and restaurants in Australia’s famed Attica as well as several in Taiwan, before taking his career to Singapore.

Asriyan “Yan” Amaran

Restaurant Manager

Restaurant manager Yan plays an integral role in the team, as he completes the Restaurant Ards dining experience with top-notch service and a creative beverage program. He has worked his way up over the last 13 years of experience in Singapore’s hospitality industry, including a humble start at Raffles Hotel as a kitchen help. His positive disposition and hardworking nature paid off, as he became one of the hotel’s youngest assistant manager. Since then, he had continued his F&B career with reputed restaurant groups such as One Rochester Group and Unlisted Collection.

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